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Another hidden secret of the trucking world is once again exposed when Shelby Mathews encounters 17-year-old Amber Nichols, a hometown Texas girl, abandoned and dealing with a series of bad decisions in an Atlanta hotel room.
In an attempt to escape a life with few prospects and two small children, Amber decides to hit the open road with Paul, a married trucker promising her adventure and companionship, only to find her problems are worsened when she ends up in a profession where quitting is not an option.  
Shelby, her federal agent friend, Angelica, and Damian, Amber’s new love, are determined to save the teen mother from the relentless clutches of Shades, a ruthless kingpin, all the while attempting to break up his drug ring and prevent more young girls from becoming the human casualties of a rampant trafficking operation. But are Shelby and Angelica in over their heads this time?

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