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A new company means a fresh start for Shelby Matthews. “It’s a hook and go, great equipment, easy money, and terrific benefits.” JackBlack entices Shelby Mathews with PIGT’s standard employment slogan. Who could want more in a trucking job when you’re bored with the everyday local deliveries, and the open road is beckoning you? Shelby is now driving a new rig, has made friends with another female driver, Angelica, and is receiving some glamorous perks. Still, something doesn't feel right...and it’s not only because Mr. Pig, the company's enormous and foul-smelling owner, has everyone under constant surveillance.

Shelby becomes suspicious not only about what and where she is hauling, but also Mr. Pig's true intentions behind all his generosity. Join Shelby on another action-packed thrill ride as America’s favorite lady driver.

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