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Ten things about Me, Robyn Mitchell

How would I describe myself?

1- I am above all else a Christian, in a relationship with Jesus.

2-Wife, married to a wonderful, loving, and supportive husband.

3-Mother of nine children and step children.

4-Grandmother of twenty-three grandchildren and step grandchildren.

5-Daughter, granddaughter, aunt, cousin, niece and sister to biological parents, grandparents, brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts and step family through marriages as well.

6-Friend, to many along this long road of life but best friend to only a few special ones.

7-Educated, not only with degrees of higher learning but schools of hard work and meaningful skills, using those skills to teach and help others.

8-Holder of a Class A CDL with all classifications, might be close to a million or two miles behind the wheels of several eighteen wheel trucks, four wheelers and motorcycles exploring America. Holding on to the dreams of a world exploration by whatever means of transportation that might be brought my way.

9-Writer, author of many published and unpublished manuscripts with a deep desire to reach hundreds of millions of people with words that flow through my thoughts.

10-Creative, political and imaginative woman, using the things of the past, present and even future thoughts to improve my life, my family and my country.

I’m not sure you can capture all things about a person in ten statements, but this is close to who I am in a nut shell.

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